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In this section you will find various example applications of mishmash io. Join our BETA to receive updates as we add more.


The familiar, industry-standard Employees Database example.

A good starting point to learn some basics or compare mishmash io to other DBMS.

Online Shop

Based on the Dell DVD Store sample dataset - this example is much closer to a real-world application.

Take a look at how easy it is with mishmash io.

IMDb - Feeds & Ratings

Let's get some fun, let's use data in more creative ways.

Take IMDb's freely available dataset and see how mishmash io can be used to implement some cool features.


In this example we will work with text data.

Text presents it's own challenges, see how mishmash io works with text data.


This example shows how to find your way through geo-spatial data complexity - points, lines and dimensionality in abstract spaces.

All of which pop up so often in Data Science too!

Mouse Genome

Every lab needs lab mice. So, we got some virtual ones to explore sequences in data.

Thanks to the amazing work done by the MGI.

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