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Quick Intro

Get a quick feel of mishmash io.

This section contains short, introductory articles written for the firstcomer.

What is mishmash io?

mishmash io is where Application Development takes over Data. It's a completely opaque, high-performance Database Management System

Get rid of Data Models

Everything you store in mishmash io is then accessible as a variable inside your application. You can use it according to all the rules of your programming language - the rules you're already familiar with.

Go beyond expressions and operators

In essence, you give it an algorithm of what it should do. Loop over lists, walk trees or anything of any complexity. If it can be written in your programming language - mishmash io lets you use it as a query.

Use a single Database for everything

Supercharge your code

Anything you ask it to do will be broken down into jobs according to where input data is. Then it will be run in parallel at massive scale.


Get mishmash io

mishmash io is in BETA!

Our BETA is an early access program for Software Developers.

  • Track our progress towards first release
  • Get news and updates
  • Get support directly from our engineers
  • Try mishmash io or just play with it as we add more sample code

It is completely FREE to play with and experiment and has no setup so you can jump right to it and start coding. It even runs on our own hardware.

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