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Here's a quick list of tutorials we have prepared to illustrate how mishmash io works. Join our BETA to get updates as we add more content.

Get Started with mishmash io

Before you begin: see how to plug mishmash io into your app, how to establish connections and all other fundamentals.

Storing data in mishmash io

In this tutorial you can see various ways of storing data structures inside mishmash io.

Access Data inside mishamsh io

Once you've got the fundamentals it's time to learn how to specify data subsets and pull them.

Developing Algorithms on mishmash io

Check out one of the most powerful and unique features of the mishmash io - the ability to submit algorithms of arbitrary complexity and make them work 'as a query'. The system will figure out automatically how to make them run in parallel and spread them throught the cluster.

Migration Guide

As you probably have data in other DBMS already, read the Migration Guide Tutorial to get some ideas on how to move it easily to mishmash io.

Get mishmash io

mishmash io is in BETA!

Our BETA is an early access program for Software Developers.

  • Track our progress towards first release
  • Get news and updates
  • Get support directly from our engineers
  • Try mishmash io or just play with it as we add more sample code

It is completely FREE to play with and experiment and has no setup so you can jump right to it and start coding. It even runs on our own hardware.

Click here to join.

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