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At mishmash io we understand that success is rarely about just getting some new DBMS Software. Which is why we also offer additional expertise.

Our services cover all stages of adoption: Get an Action Plan if you're just about to start with Big Data: we'll figure out together what's best for you. Once you're clear on what to do - we will help you manage the project, bring additional experts, train your team and provide support.

From then on - our consultants will formulate long-term strategies for continuous improvement.

Contact us and we will bring in the expertise you need to succeed.

Strategies for Big Data and Real-time Analytics

Big Data is, above all, a way of thinking and a way of operating. It's not about the volume of data you have, it's about what role data plays in your company and how you use what you have.

It is about taking a leap from board-room business intelligence to customer-facing business intelligence.

And it is a never ending journey: you may start small, but once you get results - you can always do more and improve.

Our strategic consultants have years of cross-industry expertise and can help you plan long term.

Ensuring successful implementations

Getting from plans and requirements to goals met requires execution. At mishmash io we tackle Big Data project management challenges on a daily basis, which makes us an ideal aid to your effort.

Data Science

Have big plans, but feel short on experts? We're ready to staff your team with additional members.


Big Data and Predictive Analytics might be considered as done by robots, but at the end of the day - they are done by people.

Invest in the skills of your team with our Training Courses.


At mishmash io we don't leave customers alone - we provide support for all unforseen challenges in using our software.

Action Plan

Considering your first Big Data project, but still not clear about how to approach it? We can help with the details.

Request our Action Plan. We will research and identify opportunities in your data, evaluate their impact and come up with a solid plan on how to approach them.

Doing business with mishmash io

Check out our Services, Request an Action Plan to adopt Big Data and Predictive Analytics in your company or just contact us.

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