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Welcome to mishmash io the distributed database
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Four easy steps to Real-time Analytics with mishmash io

  1. Step 1 image

    Take a deep pot

    Get mishmash io
    A diagram of a cloud architecture

    The most advanced featureless database

  2. Step 2 image

    Put all your data in

    Database model equals application model
    Store variables as they are
    Scalars, arrays, lists, maps, objects, etc...
    Image of stored data
    Use as you see fit
    Access in your code as if all data is in application memory
    Behind the scenes
    mishmash io will relate and distribute your data
    # Init mishmash io
    mishmash = Mishmash()
    # store some data
    mishmash.fibonacci = [0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8]
    # add a user
    mishmash.users[uid+1] = {
      "login": "username",
      "password": "password"
    See more examples
  3. Step 3 image

    Stir for 200 milliseconds

    Query with an entire algorithm
    Your choice of programming language
    Implement an algorithm as part of your application code and give it to mishmash io.
    Image of a developer writing code
    Behind the scenes
    mishmash io will automatically run it in parallel on many cluster nodes to maximize processing speed and efficiency.
    Explore patterns
    See how we use an algorithm to find structure in this smart football commentator example app.
    # Initialize some local variables
    teamA = 'Everton'
    teamB = 'Huddersfield'
    # submit an entire algorithm
    def algorithm(data):
      # executed remotely in parallel
      if data.homeTeam == teamA and data.awayTeam == teamB:
        # all data is in variables
        # add statements, 
        # call functions
        # and more
      return 42
    res = mishmash.fixtures(algorithm)
    See more examples
  4. Step 4 image

    Real-time analytics with mishmash io

    Big Data, Disparate sets, Real-time Analytics. All in one database.

Get mishmash io

mishmash io is available as a fully-integrated solution on major cloud providers where it can be deployed with complete automation.

On-Premise setups are also supported, as well as free environments to experiment with and learn about mishmash io.

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Setup your environment

Install dependencies

$ pip install mishmash-io-client

$ npm install @mishmash-io/mishmash-io-client

Develop with mishmash io

Get started with your programming language

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