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Big Data, Disparate sets, Real-time Analytics

All in one DBMS

Software Development

Smarter Apps with mishmash io

Database Management Systems have always been a great aid in software development - letting you focus on your application logic instead of implementing data access layers.

mishmash io takes this to another level, supporting transparently the growing data processing needs of modern software.

  • Fast, scalable and distributed
  • Transactional AND Analytic
  • Focus on your code - it's completely opaque
  • Store data as it is - objects, arrays, hashes, shapes, text, etc
  • Fetch and process as you wish - lists, trees or just about any structure
  • Run entire algorithms at once
  • And more...

Data and Analytics

mishmash io simplifies Datawarehousing and BI

ETL came about in the '70s to integrate diverse datasets into a single relational database. Then data grew in complexity and size, stretching the limits of DBMS technology. As a result we got data silos and we do even more ETL.

Today, according to IDC ETL occupies up to 80% of our time and more than 60% of companies run at least 5 Database Systems.

We made mishmash io flexible enough so you can get rid of ETLs and data silos. Store graphs, data structures or unstructured text, geospatial shapes, time-series, etc directly in their 'natural' form - mishmash io will 'relate' all of it automatically.

Time spent on ETL
DBMS Running
Hrs/week spent on preparing datasets
Hrs/week spent on Machine Learning

Focus on Data Science with mishmash io

In a Data Science world it's all about how efficient you are in extracting valuable insights from data.

An IDC study reveals another unfortunate side effect of current technology: data scientists spend up to 16 hours every week on preparing datasets for analysis and only 4 hours a week of actual data science.

With mishmash io preparation time is minimal as data is ready for the repetitive process of Exploratory Analysis. And even more - mishmash io will speed-up all machine learning too.

Adopting Big Data

We also provide a range of services to help you get going. All Services

Not sure how best to tackle Big Data? Our experts collectively have tens of years of experience in various industries - eCommerce, Online Publishing, FinTech, Telco and others.

To ensure success we can provide additional expertise and manpower for your project. Our highly trained data scientists and developers are ready to help.

Predictive Analytics is journey that never ends. We can get you started and support you all the way.

Business in Real-Time

Teach your software to do business

When your customers are making their choice to buy or not on a software system - Web, POS or other - your data is invaluable.

Maximize results by putting Predictive Analytics to work when and where it matters.

Get an Action Plan

Our Action Plan is a step-by-step guide on how to jump-start Big Data and Predictive Analytics in your company.

In it, our experts will:

  • Research and identify opprotunities hiding in your data
  • Estimate their impact on your business
  • Work with your company to formulate a Pilot project
  • Provide a clear measurement methodology for observable results

Doing business with mishmash io

Check out our Services, Request an Action Plan to adopt Big Data and Predictive Analytics in your company or just contact us.

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