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Getting mishmash io

mishmash io integrates with your production environment so you can run it next to your applications.

Automating deployments, managing access & security, monitoring and fine-tuning are also integrated for best experience.

Use the links below to find out more about supported environments like public clouds and on-premises and how to spin up a cluster on each one of them.

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We're also integrating mishmash io with popular tools and platforms to further simplify activities like DevSecOps, Infrastructure provisioning, Data Science and MLOps.

See the list

Supported production environments

Using mishmash io on one of the following environments comes with full support through the environment's official support channel.

Note: the ways of reaching our support team are detailed on the dedicated support page.

Launching a mishmash io cluster on any of these is usually done through a Marketplace offer, a Software Catalog or Partner Directory listing.

Info alert:Trials and Proof of Concepts

Our Marketplace offers or Catalog & Directory listings often include ways of getting free trials and PoCs.

Keep an eye for all the options we provide.

On public cloud providers

Deploy a mishmash io cluster on major public clouds.

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We're also partnering with EU-headquartered public cloud providers where you can launch a compliant mishmash io cluster.

Contact us for details.

On premises

See how you can run a mishmash io cluster on your own infrastructure.

Development environments

Developers who just want to play with mishmash io can use a development environment.

They do not come with the same level of support and might be limited in resource usage (and therefore - with limited performance), but they're free.

See the list of free on-line developer playgrounds here.

Warning alert:No standalone version yet

At the moment mishmash io operates in distributed mode only. There's no standalone, single-node version yet that you can run on your laptop for local development.

However, a lightweight version exists to help you automate your code tests.

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