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Using mishmash io on Microsoft Azure

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These documents focus on the specifics of deploying, running and using mishmash io on Microsoft Azure. For more information on mishmash io itself go to the main documentation.

On Microsoft Azure you can begin by quickly deploying a small mishmash io cluster in the same region as your app, and then expand to multiple regions as your application grows. Or you can use the provided Azure Resource Manager templates to fully automate custom deployments.

To ensure your applications always perform well mishmash io will dynamically heal and scale itself up or down. It also provides you with the necessary logs and metrics when you need to set alarms, troubleshoot and diagnose complex environments.

Managing access to data and preventing security breaches is fully integrated with Microsoft Azure and you can apply your existing security policies to mishmash io in the same way as with all other cloud services that you use.

With mishmash io on Microsoft Azure you can have full control over your costs right from the start and further - by arranging your apps in tiers depending on their individual requirements.

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