About mishmash io

In 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria - mishmash io was established with one simple mission:

To make the development of smart, data-driven applications simple and accessible to all software developers.

To provide performance without a toll.

Today, more than ever, we strongly believe that a modern DBMS must:

  • Support all data structures - tables, graphs, text, key-values AND everything else
  • Compute automatically at scale, and in parallel, without imposing it's own programming model, framework or API
  • Be as flexible as application development itself - use the same if()'s and for()'s as any programming language



15A Krum Kyulyavkov, 2nd floor

1172 Sofia



The Innovation Centre

Sci-Tech Daresbury Keckwick Lane

Daresbury WA4 4FS

United Kingdom

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Careers at mishmash io

We are always on the lookout for bright individuals who can help us make mishmash io the best DMBS!

  • Interested in Deep Technology, R&D, algorithm design?
  • High-performance Computing and optimization?
  • You know the inner workings of Machine Learning and AI?

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