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Start small and grow

For your very first deployment of mishmash io you can choose a single Microsoft Azure Region to deploy to without compromising on availability - mishmash io utilizes Availability Zones within Regions to make sure it's always up and running.

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It is recommended to deploy mishmash io to the same Region where you app lives - this way you can ensure low delays and avoid potential extra costs.

Increase Compute Resources

You can also assign fewer Compute resources to mishmash io cluster nodes - like smaller and slower disks, fewer CPU cores or less memory, increasing them gradually only as needs grow.

Deploy to additional Regions

Later, as your app's user base in another part of the world grows you might decide to deploy it to a second Region, so that it's close to users. In the same fashion you can also extend your mishmash io cluster to also include the new Region.

When deployed to multiple Regions mishmash io can provide additional availability - if an entire Region is down - other, healthy Regions can cover. There will be no loss of data or lack of availability.

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